10 Family Game Night Suggestions You Can Play on Gameboard
Start exploring these epic 10 Gameboard games and immerse yourself in thrilling battles, strategic challenges, and unforgettable adventures.
January 22, 2024

Bored of the same old board games? Spice up your game nights with Gameboard, your ultimate social gaming console. Whether you're a fan of strategy, luck, or a combination of both, Gameboards offer endless opportunities for entertainment and friendly competition.

We’ve listed down 10 games you can play on Gameboard that are sure to impress and delight all your gaming buddies. Grab your Gameboard consoles, game pieces, and companion app, it's time to roll!

Creature Feature

Welcome to Hollywood's dark side! In Creature Feature, you'll become a movie agent for some of the most frightening actors in the business. Your job? Get them the role they deserve in the ultimate monster movie. But be careful—your opponents are trying to do the same thing, and they'll stop at nothing to get in your way. Each round, you'll assign a Co-star and a Star card to audition for a part. These cards come with special abilities and point values that can help you win big. But here's where the real drama starts—once everyone reveals their cards, you'll have the chance to switch things up and go for a lower-value film instead. It's a risky move, but it could pay off big time if you play your cards right. Be careful not to underestimate your opponent's moves, though! If your Star card has a lower value than your Co-star, you can't win the part unless your competitors back off. So get ready to bluff, strategize, and outsmart your opponents in this exciting game of hand management and movie-making.

One Card Wonder

Unleash your inner architect with One Card Wonder, the ancient world-themed board game that challenges you to build wonders of the world and support buildings. With personal and general resources, worker meeples, and multiple stages to build, strategy is key.Take turns drawing resources, taking from the general supply, building your wonder or support buildings, or selling goods for coins But watch out! Coins can be used as wild resources or as part of the cost to build wonders. And in games with four or more players, trading adds a new level of negotiation and strategy. So, if you are ready to be the first to complete your wonder and reign supreme, try and play it on Gameboard.

Night of the Ninja

Experience a heart-pumping adventure with Night of the Ninja, the ultimate social deduction game that will have you on the edge of your seat.Your mission? To defeat a rival ninja house by figuring out their identities before they get to you first.Choose your ninja role wisely—whether you're a spy or fortune teller, Shinobi or blind assassin, the fate of your house rests on your shoulders.With fast-paced rounds, team-based play, and deadly twists, this game is perfect for novice and seasoned gamers alike.Featuring stunning papercraft art and everything you need to play with up to 11 players, Night of the Ninja is a must-play for any gaming group.Play this with or without a companion app when you use a Gameboard console to elevate your game night further.


Dive into the tranquil world of KOI, the fishy game that will have you hooked. As a koi fish, your goal is to feast on dragonflies and frogs by playing movement cards that allow you to swim and leap around the pond. With natural beauty cards like lily pads and cherry blossoms, you can enhance your pond and block your opponents. But watch out for the changing weather and event cards that will keep you on your fins. With solo play mode and adjustable difficulty settings, KOI is perfect for both competitive and solo gamers of Gameboard. Swim fast, eat well, and become the top fish in the pond.

Code Break

Get your thinking caps on for this thrilling code-cracking word game, perfect for up to 8 players. Whether you play solo or with a team, your goal is to find the word on the board that matches the given description. The more teams that join in, the more frantic the game becomes as you race to be the first to crack the code. But if you prefer a co-operative challenge, you can play the solo/co-operative mode or compete against players from around the world in a weekly challenge. It's a battle of wits and words. If you are up for the challenge, play Code Break on Gameboard and see your name on the leaderboard.

Shooty Tanks

Unleash your inner tank commander and dominate the battlefield. This game exposes you to intense 1v1 tank battles. Blast your opponent into oblivion or climb your way up the leaderboards in the training time trial modes. With adrenaline-pumping gameplay and thrilling combat, this game is perfect for gamers who crave non-stop action.


Rev your engines and compete in the high-stakes world of Downforce, the ultimate card-driven racing game.Bid on the six million-dollar race cars and play your cards right to speed them around the track, but be careful not to let your opponents gain the lead.With secret bets and intense gameplay, every moment counts in this game based on the classic Top Race design by Wolfgang Kramer.Plus, with variable player powers and a gorgeous design, you'll never tire of the endless possibilities for strategy and replayability.So, will you cross the finish line first and claim the biggest purse of all? Play Downforce on Gameboard and find out.

Stop Thief

Experience a thrilling job as a detective in Gameboard with this intense game of cat and mouse. Your mission is to track down a suspect, but there's a catch—-you can only hear them, not see them. Quick thinking and a sharp ear are your only weapons as you eliminate options and narrow down your search. Move in for the arrest when you think you've got your suspect, but be careful not to make a mistake.

Wings of Glory

Take to the skies in this exhilarating WWI fighter combat game you can play on Gameboard. As a gallant flying ace, you'll need to outsmart your enemies with tricky aerial maneuvers and strategic gameplay. Battle against other players from around the world and complete challenging missions to become the ultimate flying ace. With a variety of planes and aces to recruit, you'll have endless opportunities for customization and gameplay.

Mystic Vale

Embark on a mystical journey in your Gameboard with this groundbreaking digital card-crafting game. As a druidic clan, it's up to you to cleanse the cursed land and earn the most victory points. With a deck of upgradable cards, each featuring three slots for advancements, you'll have endless opportunities to create powerful combos and customize your gameplay. With over 100 different advancements to choose from, every game is unique. Plus, with stunning animations and faithful recreation of the physical game's unique card-crafting gameplay, this digital adaptation is the perfect way to experience the award-winning Mystic Vale.

Start exploring these epic 10 Gameboard games and immerse yourself in thrilling battles, strategic challenges, and unforgettable adventures. Which game will you try first? Share your leveled-up gaming experience with Gameboard with our Discord Community.