Play, Gather, and Revive
Gameboard introduces three pillars: Play offers access to our game library; Gather fosters social connections among players; and Revive lets you play on demand.
January 22, 2024
Roland Cinco

In case you missed it, Gameboard is about to change the tabletop gaming landscape forever. This new tabletop gaming console has a plethora of interesting features that aims to allow players ease of access to tabletop gaming no matter where they are in the world. However, you may be unaware of how Gameboard has to offer you as a consumer. Well, allow me to enlighten you through breaking down the three pillars of Gameboard’s core structure. Play, Gather and Revive.


You may be familiar with subscription services such as Xbox Game Pass or Playstation Now. Well, what if there was one platform like this but for tabletop games? Well, thanks to Gameboard, there is. This console will house all the finest games on the tabletop market, constantly update its library based on the biggest trends within the community, expansion packs and offer players instant access to any game they desire.

Players can simply pay for an individual game outright, or for $15 a month service charge can access the entire library. This fee entitles players to play any game on the roster for as little or as long as they like. 

If you are worried that this platform won't be able to offer the best games from the best developers, we are here to put your mind at ease. Here is a quick list of some of the developers who are active partners who endorse this console: Asmodee, Riot Games, Steve Jackson Games, Dire Wolf Digital, Sugar Gamers, Nomad, PlanarAlly, Battlemap, Restoration Games, Auroch Digital, Skyship Studios, Zu Tiles, Mellow Mission, and Cray Cray Games. 


Gameboard understands that without a group of players the games on the platform are simply unplayable. So the platform has a number of great social tools to help you connect with like minded individuals. 

Gather, it’s meant to bring people together even if you’ve never met them. 

Gameboard is a place to come together and take our collective love of gaming and find other people to play with. And we want to foster those meaningful connections in tabletop gaming. We want to preserve the reason why people want to sit down and connect and play together. That’s what Gather does, find other people to just play with and start playing a game., very simple, very direct.


Tabletop gamers will all know that games can go on for hours. We have all burned the midnight oil and we have all had to walk away from games which will forever remain unfinished. With Gameboard, this is a frustration that will never occur again. Thanks to the platform's save and pause features, you can take extended breaks and even come back days, weeks, or months later to complete your game.

This means that campaigns are never lost, moments where you are on the cusp of victory are always capitalized upon, and intense tactical battles can be put on hold without missing a beat. Gameboard gives you the freedom to play on your schedule and it’s a feature that is simply essential to every tabletop gamer!

So that is our rundown on the three pillars that make Gameboard what it is. Do you like what this platform has to offer? Which aspect of this console entices you the most? Do you think that this console will take the tabletop gaming world by storm?

Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.